The name translates literally into 'city of happiness' or 'peaceful city'. Buriram town and surrounding province is an excellent start for those wanting to experience authentic life in Thailand, perfect for people who wish to immerse themselves in true, no frills Isan culture. Buriram town itself has little to offer in the way of activities and attractions however the surrounding countryside has a plethora of ancient temples and ruins, although beware, some are little more than piles of rubble. BuriramĀ is a pleasant enough little town with a couple of decent hotels and some good food; it's not a bad spot to spend a day if you're wandering through these parts, though it isn't perhaps worth going out of your way to visit.


Not being known as a tourist attraction, accommodation is fairly limited however it is never full and there is no need for advance bookings. Best Western is probably the only name you will recognize but there are a handful of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels along with enough guest houses to easily meet demand.

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buriram united foolball club stadium
Buriram United Foolball Club Stadium
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